• Feeling Fruity

    Today we look at our favourite orange toned photographs, whether that be in fruit form

    or simply the perfect amber hued shade.

    All photo credits listed below

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    Photo Credits:

    1. Photograph by Miles Dealmas 

    2. Albert Frey's home in Palm Springs

    3.  Source Unknown

    4. Alyson Sharon for ALR Dyeing

    5. Source Unknown

    6. Line Drawing by Yidan

    7. Source Unknown

  • Sunlight: Test Shoot

    Test Shoot

    Styling & Photography by Toni Caroline

    Model - Sarah Allick at The Hive

    Clothing - Pho. London

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - Blake LDN - Taupe Melrose Tunic*

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - in-grid - White Cotton T-shirt*

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - Wood Wood - Black Tari Bra*

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - Wood Wood - Cream Merino Renee Knit*

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - Wood Wood - Black Tari Bra*

    Pho. London - Toni Caroline

    *Featured - Wood Wood - Black Tari Bra*


    All images are property of Toni Caroline

    To see more of Toni's work, you can visit her website at

  • Peach Tones

    Exploring interiors, exteriors and art with warm toned hues.

    Image Sources:

    1. Amangiri, photograph by Rich Stapleton

    2. Jun Tamaki, Casa Hakama, 1998

    3. Her the Label, photograph by Ester Grass Vergara

    4. Cob House bathroom

    5.. Los Angeles home, Richard Neutra Architecture, Vogue US January 2008 

    6. Milton Avery, Loungers on Pink Beach, 1944

    7.. Ali Cayne's NYC Home

    8. La Cupola in Sardinia by Italian architect Dante Bini, for Monica Vitti and Michelango Antonioni, T Magazine


    All images can be found via the Pho. London Pinterest Page


  • Woman Series: Débora Rosa

    For our Woman series we are talking to women who inspire us, about their personal outlook on fashion and lifestyle. We will be speaking to creative individuals in all areas of fashion, art and lifestyle, to share ideas and to discuss what is important in terms of style and design.

    In this instalment we are speaking to Débora Rosa, a Nutritionist and Freelance Stylist from Lisbon:

    Where are you from and what do you do?

    I'm Portuguese, born in Madeira Island and I have been living in Lisbon for almost 6 years. I moved here to study Nutrition at university. 

    My profession is a Nutritionist but I also do image research for fashion brands. I'm the editor of Fashion Gone Rouge and a freelance Stylist. I know that these areas don't match but I believe that one person can’t do one thing for the rest of her life, we can learn so much more and do a lot of things.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Casual, versatile, easy-chic and classic with a twist. I like timeless pieces, good quality basics but also something that adds a different twist to an outfit. I am always drawn to clean lines and pieces that I can wear many times.

    What are your wardrobe staples?

    Jeans for sure. I live in jeans; light wash, dark wash, cropped, every single style ahaha. I also love a good pair of flat shoes or sneakers. Despite loving heels, I feel more like myself when I wear any type of flats. Also, small handbags, I hate big handbags where I take years to find stuff. So I'm always on the hunt for a great quality, practical handbag. Another item that I can’t live without are sunglasses and coats/jackets, I think that they are the perfect piece to elevate a basic outfit.

    What is your favourite piece in your collection?

    It's hard to choose just one so, my top choices are the Gucci loafers, Céline box bag and sunglasses, Gucci cat-eye sunglasses and Levis jeans.

    Where do you look for style inspiration?

    Mainly I look to social media (Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr), but I love to search fashion archives. I also find inspiration in art and architecture magazines. I love to watch people on the streets, mainly elderly people because I think that they dress so randomly and effortlessly, and some of their pieces are returning to the catwalks.

    Who are your favourite designers and brands?

    Phoebé Philo for Céline, Olsens for The Row, Jonathan Anderson for Loewe, Joseph, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Lemaire, Ports 1961 and Stella McCartney. I also love smaller brands/designers such as Paloma Wool, Loq, Rouje and Rejina Pyo.

    Your Tumblr page is well-loved and a source of inspiration to many, what do you enjoy most about it?

    I love to search for images, discovering new, inspirational people, art… In general I love to discover new things, new ways of seeing things. Going through the archives, learning more and more about art, fashion and society. I love to curate and share it, to inspire other people.


    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I hate being stuck at home, so I always love to get out . I like to discover new coffee places, visit art galleries, museums and go on road trips with my friends and family.

    Since I am from an island, I love to get in touch with nature. So in the summer I love to do “levadas” (Aqueduct system specific to the Portuguese island of Madeira, that provides a remarkable network of walking paths) and go on long walks through the mountains.

    Where is your favourite holiday destination?

    Madeira Island (my hometown, of course), London, Comporta, Paris and New York.

    What are your favourite instagram accounts?

    This is so so hard to answer, because there are so many awesome people out there. Here are some: @alwaysjudging, @lifeofboheme, @double3xposure, @christianespangsberg, @lucitisima, @dilettabonaiuti, @mari_giudicelli and @gildaambrosio.

    You can visit Débora's Instagram here: @deborabrosa

    and her Tumblr page, Fashion Gone Rouge, here: Fashion Gone Rouge

    We'd like to say a big thank you to Débora for taking part.

    All images were kindly provided by Débora.

    Interview by Phoebe Whiston.


    Shop New In collection here

  • Style Profile 002: Kirstyn König

    For our Style Profile series, we will be talking to people who inspire us through their personal outlook on fashion and lifestyle. We will be speaking to creative individuals in all areas of fashion, art and lifestyle, to share ideas and to discuss what is important in terms of style and design.

    For our second Style Profile we have spoken to Kirstyn König, a contemporary dancer who lives and works in Canada.

    Where are you from and what do you do?

    I’m Canadian and have been living on the West Coast, in Vancouver, for about 8 years.  By passion and profession, I'm a contemporary dancer and aerialist (tissu, lyra etc.), think Cirque du Soleil.  I am ballet trained from a very young age, but have dabbled in many other styles and I have spent a large portion of my time in Vancouver performing on TV/Films.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Due to the nature of my job, I spend a lot of time in workout gear and I like to find every excuse I can to put on “real" clothes, even if it’s just a quick jaunt to the grocery store (silly, I know). Also, I live in a loft with very minimal storage or closet space, so my wardrobe has become a curated selection of only the most versatile, classic or invested in pieces. I strive to keep both my home and wardrobe minimal and timeless, and am drawn to clean architectural pieces, with a touch of whimsy every so often.

    What are your wardrobe staples?

    Denim, definitely denim!  I am always on the hunt for the perfect fit or wash, whether it be new or vintage. Sneakers are also an essential in my wardrobe, as I am always on the go and am rarely sitting down. Lastly, a great handbag that I can wear for years to come - I am a sucker for shoulder bags, ones that can also be worn crossbody, and they are almost always black.  Shoes and handbags are where I like to splurge a little more on.

    What clothing colours are you enjoying wearing at the moment?

    I am always drawn to neutrals and have been loving slightly off shades mixed together (ecru, bone, oatmeal, tostado), it feels particularly fresh for summer. Now, despite my love for neutrals, I have also been loving blush, bubble gum pink and Klein blue.

    What is your favourite piece in your collection?

    That is a tough one but, I would have to say my Chanel quilted flap bag.  I saved forever and bought it for myself for my 19th Birthday (which was quite some time ago, haha). It is by far the best investment (wardrobe-wise) I have ever made and I wear it with everything, from evening wear to sneakers and joggers. I guess that is likely where my black bag obsession came from!

    How do you feel about trends?

    Ethically, I try to avoid fast (disposable) fashion and therefore don’t end up wearing a lot of the big trending items out each season.  However, there are certainly pieces that were initially trendy (glove shoes, Stan Smiths etc.), that stuck for enough seasons to convince me of their staying power.  Colours are often seasonally trendy and I enjoy playing with accents of those, as well as accessories that I am not investing largely in (e.g. neck scarves, babouches).

    Where do you look for style inspiration?

    Social media is a huge source of inspiration for me, not only for fashion but art, design and architecture.  I also love to travel, and exploring new cities/cultures is a major influence. 

    Who are your favourite designers or brands?

    If I were independently wealthy, I’d probably like to be dressed in head-to-toe Celine or The Row. Haha, but really there are some amazing designers out there and ones I have been particularly crazy for are, Maryam Nassir Zadeh (which I hear you will be carrying very soon! Pho: Yes, we will have MNZ later this year), Charlie May, Margaret Howell, Rachel Comey and a design duo based out of Toronto, Horses Atelier.  You’ll see regular rotation of Comme des Garçons Play tees in my wardrobe, and I am in love with artist Camilla Engstrom’s hand embroidered tees, with her signature Husa character on them.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I love art galleries and museums or live performance art - it’s nice to be on the other side, in the audience, once in awhile! I also love the cinema, though I'm not crazy for big blockbusters and am more likely to be watching French/Italian foreign films. And when the weather allows, you’ll find me at the beach!

    What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

    I really struggled to narrow this one down, as there are so many talented people with the most amazing accounts. But here are some of my favourites: @_chicadeoro @brittanybathgate @noanoir_ @jessifredrick @rosaliapark @c__l__o @tingshuen @tibods @courtmoly and @tokyo_to.

    We asked Kirstyn to put together a Pho. London wish list of her favourite pieces, which you can browse and shop Here.

    We want to say a huge thank you to Kirstyn for being a part of our Style Profile series.

    For more inspiring images from Kirstyn, visit her Instagram Here.


       All images have been kindly provided by Kirstyn.




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