Style Profile 001: Brittany Bathgate

    As part of a new series, we will be talking to people who inspire us about their personal outlook on fashion and lifestyle. We will be speaking to creative individuals in all areas of fashion, art and lifestyle, to share ideas and to discuss what is important in terms of style and design.

    Our first Style Profile features Brittany Bathgate, author of the Style and Wellbeing blog and Visual Merchandiser from Norfolk, U.K. Brittany is wearing the Baserange Black Roll Neck Sweat Top and Sweat Pants from the Pho. London store.


    Tell us about yourself.

    My name is Brittany, I live in Norfolk where I currently balance (don’t ask me how) full time Visual Merchandising and creating content for Style and Wellbeing.


    Why did you start your blog and what do you enjoy most about it?

    I started the blog at an unsatisfied stage in my life: my job wasn’t fulfilling me, I was missing the life I previously had in Australia and I didn’t have anyone to share my love for clothes with. The blog was an outlet for me, a place for me to feel creative again, meet new friends, learn new skills and share to others my love for all things style related. It took some time for me to finally pluck up the courage and take the leap into blogging. I was very conscious about getting lost in an already oversaturated market, but with my increasing following on Instagram the blog just inevitably happened, as a natural extension of the Instagram feed. 

    The most enjoyable parts of blogging, for me, is meeting new, like minded people and having a space to create and showcase whatever I like. 



    How would you describe your personal style?

    A mix of contemporary and classic with a lot of sneakers! I like basic, comfortable style and clean lines. 


    What are your wardrobe staples?

    Black cigarette trousers, a white t-shirt, a white button down shirt and a sturdy pair of lace-up oxford flats. 


    Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

    I gather inspiration from all around me. Whether it’s from a book, a song, a piece of art or something in the street, I’m finding inspiration every day. Street style is my most favoured way to find inspiration though. 


    Who are your favourite designers or brands?

    Margaret Howell, The Row, 1205, Elizabeth and James, Yohji Yamamoto and Joseph.



    How do you feel your style has evolved since you’ve gotten older?

    Over the years my style has become more refined. 

    The colours I choose haven’t really changed, ever since I can remember I’ve always worn a palette mostly made up of black, navy, white and grey. What has changed is the cuts and fits I choose, the materials I pick and the brands I buy from. As a teenager, with a part time job and living rent free, I would blow all my wages on fast fashion items over and over but as I’ve grown up I’ve become more conscious of quality over quantity. There’s some high street stores that I avoid like the plague now because it’s just not worth it anymore. I’ve also learnt what does and doesn’t suit my body shape. I’ve been a culprit of settling for second best when shopping way too many times, resulting in me wearing items that don’t sit correctly.


    What does minimalism in fashion and lifestyle mean to you?

    Minimal fashion and minimal lifestyle sit hand in hand, to practice minimal fashion will inevitably lead to a minimal lifestyle and vice versa. I think both are about choosing well when you shop and living a slower, simpler life with less ‘stuff’ thus enabling you to enjoy life more. 


    How important are the ‘made to last’ and ‘choose well’ concepts to you?

    They are definitely becoming more and more important to me. Norwich is now home to a new contemporary womenswear shop, stocking quality and sustainable brands such as Wood Wood and Baserange. Before the shop opened I hadn’t given these concepts much thought and hadn’t really bought a lot of quality pieces but Sophie, the owner, taught me the importance of spending that little bit more on timeless items that are going to last me. It might feel difficult at first to spend more and have less items, but sticking to these concepts has enabled me to refine my wardrobe and it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier! I now have items I ‘love’ rather than just ‘like’, that I’m wearing over and over again. 



    What do you like to do in your free time?

    In my free time I love to run, it’s a fantastic way to clear my mind and reflect. If I’ve had a bad day going for a run can completely fix it. My Fiancé and I also love dabbling in D.I.Y interior projects, in the new year we hope to buy our first renovation project which will no doubt take up all of my free time. Oh and brunch, I love going out for brunch! 


    What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

    It’s so difficult to choose because there are just too many that I love. @thefashionmedley @shotfromthestreet @remmyleigh @marinalondon @ell4d @chariza_ @soph.jane_ @deborabrosa @sarahnejat @fredrikrisvik


    Are there any really good beauty products you could recommend?

    I don’t consider myself a huge beauty buff, a lot of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing with the products I do have. That being said my holy grails are: Diorskin Nude BB cream, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery, Tom Ford’s Indian Rose Lippy (must credit my blogging pal Lilly Wolf for introducing me to this amazing colour) and a new find that I’m really enjoying at the moment is the & Other Stories radiance cream. 


    Favourite destination you’ve visited?

    Byron Bay, Australia or The Blue Mountains, Australia. It’s a complete tie! 


    What are your plans for the future?

    Apart from renovation projects our long term plan for the future is to emigrate to Australia. I don’t think it’s going to be easy but we are determined to go back there for good. We both love the UK but in our hearts we know Oz is where we want to be. 


    Brittany has created a collection of her key pieces from the store which you can find and shop HERE

    You can visit Brittany's blog, Style and Wellbeing HERE.


    Thank you to Brittany for featuring in our first Style Profile.

    Interview by Phoebe Whiston.




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